Real Estate

Both purchasing and selling real estate come with their own unique set of issues and obstacles to overcome. Attorney Cameron Lythberg has represented clients ranging from first time home buyers to commercial investors. Mr. Lythberg has closed innumerable real estate transactions, while working with each client to make sure the process from contract to closing is as smooth as possible. When you hire Lythberg Law, you get to talk to your attorney during the real estate process, not just his or her paralegal.

Residential Real Estate Purchases

Looking to purchase a new home? A new house purchase is frequently one of the largest, if not the largest transaction in many people’s lives. Attorney Cameron Lythberg reviews real estate contracts to see if any modifications are necessary to protect a home buyer in addition to making requests to fix defects should some be revealed in a home inspection. Mr. Lythberg also coordinates with lenders, realtors, and the seller’s title company to make sure that you come to the closing table informed and protected while you buy your new home!

Residential Real Estate Sales

Selling your home can be the beginning of a new chapter in your life. Make sure to leave the liability behind when you sell your home as problems not adequately dealt with prior to closing can turn in to lawsuits after you move out. Mr. Lythberg helps sellers understand what they’re disclosing and what liabilities they’re taking or should be avoiding. He also helps them procure title insurance, draft their deed and other important seller’s documents, and set up their closing while helping to take care of any last minute conditions so they can move out and move on with no worries.

Commercial Real Estate Purchases

Commercial real estate has many factors that make it different from a residential transaction. Attorney Cameron Lythberg has experience in commercial contract drafting, land use/zoning applications and appeals, commercial title requirements, liens, subcontractor agreements, commercial lease drafting, 1031 exchanges, and more.

Commercial Real Estate Sales

As with purchasing a commercial property, selling a commercial property has many variable not seen in the typical residential transaction. Mr. Lythberg provides his commercial sales clients with legal expertise and helps them draft the necessary paper work needed to sell their commercial asset while minimizing liability as much as possible.